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  • Cole Yoon


Heart made of 'Lilacs'.

A fan posted on a community site what went down once IU left the Melon Music Awards this past week. The fan wrote that once IU met fans she greeted them asking how they've been. After a while fans noticed that IU had tears in her eyes and so then they were fighting tears.

Netizens commented on the post writing “아이유 진짜 눈물 없다고 했는데 운다”, “눈에 별을 박았네”, “너무 반갑다고 하는데 나도 울컥했다”, “진심이 느껴진다”

"IU who is known to have no tears is crying". "I can see stars in her eyes". "I'm so happy to see her but I'm about to cry too". "I can feel her truth".

IU recently won DaeSang for 'Best Artist' at this year's 'Melon Music Awards.' She uploaded the below pics with the caption 'behind the scenes at MMA 2021'


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