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  • Mary Kim


How the mighty have fallen.

The news that Jessica, a former member of Girls' Generation, will be appearing in a Chinese girl group survival variety show, is buzzing online.

On the 11th (local time), several Chinese media reported that Jessica would appear in Season 3 of the Chinese entertainment show 'Seungpung, Blue and Red Destruction'. This is a survival entertainment show in which 30 female celebrities gather and go through training and missions before re-debuting as a girl group.

Netizens are not taking to the news well, with concerns that she will taint the legacy of 'Girls Generation'. Also due to Anti-Chinese sentiment being prevalent in Korea, netizens are asking why she would be on a Chinese show with others assuming she must be facing financial pressures.

Last year, controversy arose when it was revealed that Jessica's fashion company, run by her public lover Tyler Kwon, was embroiled in a debt lawsuit worth 8 billion won. She also heard of her loss in 2019 when her Chinese agency sued her for breach of contract.

There are netizens that allege repaying her Chinese debts and creditors is the reason Jessica will be appearing in Season 3 of 'Seungpung, Blue, Red, and Poor'. Although the official lineup has not yet been announced by the production team, the expectations of domestic and foreign fans are skyrocketing.

Meanwhile, besides Jessica, Seol Gae-gi, Ho Haeng-ah, Living Bing-bing, and Wang Sim-reung were also considered for appearances in Season 3 of 'Seungpung Blue Destiny'. In the previous season, Yong Jo-ah, Chang Baek-ji, Yang Seung-rim and others appeared and gathered a lot of attention.


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