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  • Cole Yoon


She puts the Queen in Queendom.

So.. we're kinda still in a pandemic, right?

January 29, Red Velvet's IRENE is being praised for standing up to Korean Journalists that were yelling for the group to take off their masks during the red carpet of the Gaon Chart Awards.

Korean netizens were shocked while watching a clip of the group standing on the red carpet with their masks on. The journalists taking the pictures then started yelling for the group to take their masks off.

IRENE who glared at journalists before signaling her hands to make an X to their request is being praised for standing up for the group. Although eventually, the group gave in to the requests netizens couldn't help but be appalled at the mistreatment at the hands of these journalists. Especially when considering that many idols are testing positive for COVID at the moment.

I love the fact that IRENE is not a pushover
No matter what you say, there is a reason why IRENE is the leader... it's good to see that she stood up for the group. The classic gif of her glaring at the smoker on the street was really cool too
Recently there was a positive case at an award show so there are idols right now testing positive, what do you mean take the mask off?

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