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  • Cole Yoon


JYPE down bad breh.

Great expectations often lead to greater disappointment when not met. Unfortunately, NMIXX's debut single 'o.o' is an example of this. The bizarrely titled track is a more bizarre concoction of melodies that sadly don't mix very well. Even more curious is the fact that JYPE, once known for its girl groups, is behind NMIXX.

With already leading fourth-generation groups such as AESPA, ITZY, IVE, STAYC establishing a solid fandom, and not to mention the upcoming YG group, BABY MONSTER already favored to win the whole generation, JYP needs to fix this fast.

It seems international KPOP fans agree the song just doesn't do the job, writing:

"Yeah let’s be real the song is bad, there’s just no real redeeming qualities aside from the okay MV which had some good visuals. I wouldn’t go as far as labelling the worst song of all time, that’s a little strong. Really disappointing would be more like it."
"their vocals are not bad actually it's just the song they were given suck"
"Even the MV is going through plagiarism accusations so :/ ", "I thought people were exaggerating, so I took a look just now and....",
"Wow that was bad. The song never transitioned well to the next genre... and the English in the song is AWFUL-- like a kid that took 1 English class wrote those lyrics. "The only two "OK" parts of the song were the visuals (really liked the ship wreck in the beginning), and the middle of the song with the flowers. That part alone was an ok segment, but it just didn't belong." "No hate but I don't think they are wrong 😵 but not worst but one of the worst 😶 Exactly, never thought I’d agree with the DM In my opinion it’s definitely one of the top worst songs ever in kpop….. a total train wreck worst song of all time? No! No! No!~This is not the worst song of all time, this is just not that great song. ok
About their song, the rhythm sounds good, it's lyrics too simple without much creativity, their song is almost decent or good in general, i liked it except during it's first 50 seconds where their song don't sound that good because of their rappers's voices too shrill and with their powerless dance,...but after this time the song begins to improve as well as the sound of their voices. About their choreography and dance, in general their choreo was too basic without anything new, almost all their dances and movements looked without much energy, without much grace and without much rhythm. they need to improve their dance/choreo. About their outfits, I liked almost all of their outfits, they look cute. Their scenarios were interesting, the work of the cameramen and editors was good in general, I think they largely saved their mv. I hope that their next projects will improve. I wish all the best to nmixx. hwaiting!~

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