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  • Cole Yoon


This isn't helping at all.

On the 20th, a post defending the drama 'Snowdrop' appeared on the Presidential Petition board. This board is used as a means of direct communication with the executive branch in the presidential office of Korea, where if a post gains 200k signatures a member of the office directly responds to the post.

In the aforementioned post, titled "Snowdrop isn't made with Chinese money", a netizen argues why the drama should not cause any controversy. The netizen further writes, "Sora Sora plays in the background because a protestor was singing it in the drama, and the drama shows the awful deed of the 'Security Bureau', therefore the drama doesn't revise anything." The poster continues, "Snowdrop is just a piece of fiction taking place in 1987 showing that the Security Bureau, and Military team up with North Korea to do evil is all".

However most of 3000 likes were made by foreign twitter accounts, causing further controversy. It is assumed these are international Blinks.

Korean netizens are not amused writing, "Foreigners writing on Korea's presidential petition board is ridiculous", "They are ignorant to Korea's struggle for democracy", "This is comedic, what right do they have?", and "What are they doing in another countries' presidential petition?.


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