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  • Juice Shin

Inspirational: 'Squid Game' star proves you'll make it if you, "Just hang on"

Never give up on your dreams..

'Squid Game' star Lee Yumi's interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine is getting a lot of attention. In the interview the star explains how her life has changed ever since the Netflix hit show 'Squid Game' took over the world. She explained "I was doing deliveries for a delivery app when all of a sudden the show got all this attention, I was definitely shocked." Asked if the star feels her fame, the actress replied that she doesn't want to feel famous and become content because there is so much for her to do.

Many netizens were shocked to read that the actress was still doing food deliveries even after the show. Many also commented how the actress has kept working since her debut even if it is small roles or web dramas. "Your focus shouldn't be how fast you're going, but where your destination is". Keep your eyes on the prize fellow dreamers!

You can read her full interview in December's volume of Cosmopolitan Korea.

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