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  • Cole Yoon

#INSPIRATION What This Pic Means To OP

Can't knock his hustle

A picture of a rather modest meal is going viral in Korea. On the 16th of October, a member of an online community forum uploaded the picture above writing, "This humble meal is worth more than anything to me". The Korean man continued to write, "While my mother was ill, I took out 3 loans to pay for hospital bills. She eventually passed and I was left with a 80 Million Won debt (Est, $75,000). I would only sleep for 4 hours a day and worked hard and eventually paid off the debt in 2 years. After making the last payment at the bank, I bought this meal on my way home to celebrate. Might not be much but means the world to me right now" He further wrote how the SPAM above wasn't SPAM but a generic off brand called 'Rich Ham' which cost less.

The post has many people feeling all the feels! I hope we all get this bag !


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