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  • Haein Kim

#INSIDER The Real Reason Kim Seon Ho is Taking His Time to Respond

And the plot thickens

According to our sources, there is a reason Kim Seon Ho is taking his time to respond to allegations that he is 'Actor K'. On 19th of October (KST) Kim's agency all but admitted that Kim indeed is 'Actor K'. However we haven't heard anything from Kim and there is a reason why. Rumors rampant amongst insiders are saying that the reason might have to do with the identity of the poster, Kim's ex girlfriend. There is reason to believe that she has been in the public's eye before and that if news leaks who his ex girlfriend is, it would severely tarnish the squeaky clean image that Kim Seon Ho has.

Keep in mind Kim has filmed over 10 endorsements in the past few months with his explosive new popularity from the drama 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha'. As his endorsement fee is roughly $500k USD, he is facing paying back at least $5 Million dollars. YIKES.


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