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  • Mary Kim


"He needs some milk."

The latest Instagram story update by INFINITE member/actor Sungjong stunned netizens.

Sungjong shared a photo of himself standing on a weight scale on February 23. The scale indicated that the idol weighed 50.7 kg or 112 lb at the time. Even Sungjong was taken aback by the weight on the scale, writing, "Is that weight real?"

While many netizens expressed their astonishment at the male idol's weight, others couldn't help but express their concerns.

"He's 16 centimeters taller than me, but he weighs less..." observed netizens.

"Is he certain the scale hasn't been tampered with???"

"Isn't that a tad excessive?"

"That is excessively thin. Please increase your TT consumption."

"50 kilograms at 180 centimeters... That has to be a health hazard."

"Underweight is also a significant health issue, TT."

"Sungjong, please consume all of your meals and maintain a healthy lifestyle."

"50 kilograms at 180 centimeters? I believe he should be admitted to the hospital."

"He really should have a health checkup..."

"I'm still in disbelief that he's lighter than me, TT."

"That number is extremely concerning;; however, if he is sharing it on social media, he most likely has no discernible health problems."


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