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  • Karina Lee


How much can you lend for love?

The HyunA and Dawn duo featured on the Studio Waffle YouTube series 'Mouths on Wheels' on April 19.

On this particular day, the hosts and guests gathered around a table and debated issues about relationships and romance. The first debate subject was "How much would you be willing to give up for the person you love?"

MC Lee Yong Jin inquired to HyunA, "If Dawn approached you one day, 'Can you offer me 80% of your complete wealth?' 'However, don't ask me why.' What are your thoughts about that?"

HyunA said, "If it's lending, I'd do it, but I'd have to have him sign a loan contract first. Instead, I shall not inquire as to why. So long as he can pay me back. It's OK if he has the capacity to reimburse me afterwards. But if he can't pay me back, it's a no." "If he says 'Don't ask me why,' then that in itself encourages me to assume that there must be some vital reason," she said.

When the topic was turned around to Dawn, he gently said, "I would be prepared to die for the one I love." "But I don't believe I can lend them money," he swiftly added.

Dawn then rescued himself by stating, "I would have no regrets if I died. But it would make me unhappy if I loaned the guy money and then regretted my actions."

Bassagong, another host, couldn't help but remark here. "However, looking at [Dawn], he doesn't appear to have much incentive to live in the first place." HyunA replied with a chuckle "That's correct. You got it precisely right." "He seems like the sort of man who, even if he died tomorrow, he'd simply be like, 'Aw, too terrible,'" Bassagong remarked.

Dawn eventually agreed that he would be ready to offer his beloved a modest quantity of money, if not his whole fortune. "I was ready to take off my ring, honey!" said HyunA. When the conversation turned to HyunA and Dawn's engagement rings, Dawn said, "These were custom-made for me. These were almost half the value of my bank account."


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