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  • Cole Yoon

Hyeri's Acting During Script Read Is Being Criticized

Already?! The drama isn't even out tho...

Hyeri is being criticized for her acting in a 'script reading' behind the scenes clip. The clip shows the actors of 'When The Flower Blooms I Think of The Moon' , the new KBS period drama, in a table read. Fans who saw Hyeri reading her part is reacting negatively saying "Hyeri is just Hyeri".. "This is a period drama but her accent is so off" and more. The clip is not included due to country restrictions.

There are fans who are coming to her defense saying, "clearly it's a casual table read" and "Hyeri already proved she can act, the sample size is too small to say anything yet".

What do you think, is it too early for concern?


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