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  • Karina Lee


Are they next?

With the long-awaited reveal and the imminent debut of NMIXX coming Korean netizens took to online forums to talk first impressions. How much of a success will the girls achieve, will they follow in Twice's footsteps? Netizens weighed in

I mean Sullyoon is crazy,
JINI seems to give off different vibes depending on her hair color, gosh hurry up and debut, please
Why does the tone of these comments sound like they are JYP employees
JINI is a legit center, please hurry up and debut already
I feel like as much as JINI is crazy, Sullyoon is the visual but JINI is like a natural center
JYP employees making it too obvious.. the concept is also hit or miss
Whenever there is a debut, everybody always claims comments are by the label's employee
The concept seems different from ITZY which is a relief or else it would be hard to choose between the two
JINI didn't come out well in the teaser even though she's so pretty IRL ㅠ Her features aren't highlighted as well
No worries about their skills as they all dance well
Of the BIG 4 labels I think JYP cares most about the visuals, they are so pretty


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