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  • Karina Lee


Just WOW.

Jina Maeng, a travel writer and trainee singer, posted a video on her YouTube channel 'Gina Everywhere' on the 2nd of last year titled 'Was IU destined to become a national singer?'

Meng Jina, who said that she was a trainee at the same agency as IU, broke down, saying, "I heard this while eating something else after IU did well."

He said, "At that time, the CEO of IU's agency (at that time, Loen Entertainment) was the first person to start working in the music industry, and all the singers in the agency were rookies, so he said he went to see the new store."

He continued, "When the CEO asked the shaman, 'Is our company going well?', he said, 'A national singer will appear.

As time passed and IU released 'Good Day' and hit the jackpot, the CEO hurriedly packed up and moved the company. It is said that IU, who visited the company after finishing her schedule, was also embarrassed by the sudden appearance of the employees packing their bags.

Surprisingly, a month after Loen Entertainment relocated, a large landslide occurred there. This is the landslide that occurred in Umyeonsan on July 27, 2011. This resulted in 17 fatalities and 50 injuries, as well as the isolation of 60 of 120 households. Loen Entertainment's former office building was also severely damaged.

"The places where people practiced and recorded were all underground, and if there had been people, there would have been casualties," Meng Jina explained.


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