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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

If you haven't noticed, you will.

Korea is the land where beauty lasts forever. These actress' and female idols had a career changing 2021 and looked beautiful all the while. We pay homage to the leading ladies of our industry and shine light on the starlets who will shine brightest in 2022.

22 Won Jin Ah

Won Jin Ah is on the rise and it's time that all take notice. The actress had her first prime time role as leading lady on JTBC's 'She Will Never Know', as well as a memorable role in 2021 global phenomenon 'Hellbound'. We feel 2022 will be the year the actress cements her place in the Korean culture lexicon.

21 Oh Ha Young

The A*Pink member 'hihkey' had a stunning year. From her Youtube channel, to her acting in 'Love Love Trip' and 'Love Start', the idol/actress is doing big things. With news that Apink will finally comeback early 2022, we bet the 26 year old veteran will be on everyone's list come year's end.

20 Jiyeon

Jiyeon of T-ARA is a legendary visual from the 2nd generation, and despite accomplishing so much the beauty is still only 28. With a comeback everybody rooted for in 2021, we feel the winds are finally behind her sail. Look for the triple threat to star in dramas and continue to thrive in 2022.

19 Go Min Si

If you're talking about a new actress' with range, Go Min Si has to be on the top of the list. The actress catapulted her career in late 2020 through drama 'Sweet Home'. The actress since then has steady been showing different sides of her through her roles. One thing that stays consistent is her beauty, with eyes that can drown out the peripheral.

18 YooA

International fans sleep on just how popular YooA is in Korea. The 'Oh My Girl' standout has cemented her status as one of the top visuals in the 3rd generation. A household name in Korea already, fans are anticipating the next moves for the idol. As 'Oh My Girl' is trending way up, we feel it's not long before international fans fall in love with the idol.

17 Irene

Detractors point out to Irene's cursing controversy, to which we say, we've 'priced that in' to her stock. Hate her or love her, the SM legend's beauty is simply undeniable. With an impressive acting credit in 2021 as heroine in move 'Double Patty', look for more of the idol on the silver screen in 2022.

16 Yuna

The youngest member of ITZY is playing a key role to keep the group competitive with other 4th generation groups AESPA and IVE. Considered by many as the top visual in the fourth generation, we know 2022 has big big things in store for the maknae.

15 Taeyeon

No words are necessary when mentioning Taeyeon of SNSD. Beloved by 3 generations of Kpop fans, this beauty has her talents to thank for her longevity. With a successful comeback in 2021, and her debut in SM mega girl group 'GoT', the idol is not leaving the top spots in Kpop.

14 Jennie

Jennie has had a relatively quiet 2021, and deservingly so. The most iconic idol since maybe Hyori, the BlackPink standout has transcended Kpop and is now recognized internationally. With rumors of the group already in the lab we can't wait to see what 2022 has in store for her and the group.

13 Joy

Red Velvet's Joy is currently making a transition as an actress and is already receiving rave reviews. Beloved in Korea, to the point her relationship with Crush had very little affect to her popularity here, the future for the idol somehow seems brighter than her 7 year career thus far-which is saying something considering the success of Red Velvet.

12 Roh Jeong Eui

The former childhood actress caused a stir when stills of her on drama 'Our Beloved Summer' were released. The actress is making headlines everyday for her beauty and netizens are noting that she is only 21. We have a feeling this actress will be featured on many lists similar to this for years to come.

11 Han So Hee

Han So Hee saw her status as the hottest actress in Korea cemented in 2021. The actress showed her versatility kicking ass in Netflix original 'My Name' then showing a more vulnerable side in 'Nevertheless'. Fans can look forward to her continued dominance in 2022.

10 Mina

The ethereal elegance of Mina's beauty is well documented. A breathtaking balance of sexy and soul snatching vulnerability, the idol posses' a timelessness beauty that irreverent of trends.

9 Seolhyun

The former idol spent most of 2021 away from the limelight. However as the long following rumors of bullying fellow AOA member Mina, now cleared up we look for the starlet to have a big 2022. The actress has already proved her acting chops in past dramas and movies, don't be surprised if 2022 is her biggest year to date.

8 Lisa

Lisa wrecked 2021 in the best way possible. The idol broke all types of records with her first solo project and fans can't wait to see what 2022 will bring. 2021 saw this talented megastar break out from under the shadow of fellow member Jennie, to become an icon in her own right. The muse of Celine had a fabulous year, and we feel 2022 will be just as iconic for the icon.

7 Jang Won Young

The hottest member of the hottest group in Kpop at the moment, IVE's Jang Won Young is ready to take over Kpop and we don't see many standing in her way. Known for her other-worldly beauty and outer galaxy proportions, Jang Won Young is prime to lead the fourth generation.

6 Karina

The current Queen of the fourth generation, Karina is already a household name in Korea despite debuting only recently. 2021 was a monster year for the idol with 'Next Level' being critically praised as one of the best songs of the year. There is no indication of any reason why 2022 shouldn't see the leader of the new school continue her reign.

5 Kim Yoo Jung

One of two actresses long groomed as future queens of the next generation of Korean dramas, Kim Yoo Jung is poised to take the rivalry with Kim So Hyun to the next level in 2022. The actress is already heavily sought as a CF star, and a strong showing in drama 'Red Sky' in 2021, has industry insiders keen on seeing what 2022 has in store for the actress.

4 Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun has had to prove herself time after time, and time after time the talented actress prevailed. 2021 saw the successful wrap of two dramas, both well received, Netflix Original 'Love alarm' and 'River Where The Moon Rises.' Her ongoing rivalry with Kim Yoo Jung is well known in the industry and for 2022 if we had to bet, our money's going with the starlet who proves her talents on screen is just undeniable.

3 IU

Record breaking records, check. Chart topping albums, check. Being praised as one of the nicest idols in the industry, Check. Acting chops? check. check. If Kpop was a drama IU would surely be the heroine. Her beauty radiates beyond skin deep facades, the generational talent has dominated the Kpop charts for almost a decade and her acting is bonafide. We feel strongly that 2022 will go down in history as yet another year foot-marked as ruled by IU.

2 Yoona

A top visual in Kpop for a decade and a half, Yoona has been one of the most successful idols turned actress' in Kpop's history. The idol turned actress finished 2021 with successful drama 'Hush', and movie 'Miracle', and a film stealing performance in 'Happy New Years'. With another successful year in the books, look for 2022 to be another year full of one of Korea's favorite leading ladies.

1 Suzy

As far as beauty standards go in Korea, Suzy Bae has set the bar for the past decade. The actress regarded as a national treasure, embodies all that Korea finds beautiful and more. Despite not having any major projects in 2021, the reverence toward her beauty is as prevalent as ever.


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