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  • Karina Lee



The Brave Girls, who caused a syndrome by succeeding in reversing their fortunes due to the run of ‘Rollin’ last year made a leap forward with ‘Summer Queen’ and will start their first activities of the new year with their sixth mini-album [THANK YOU]. Fans are paying attention to the message the Brave Girls, will be conveying through the album and its concepts.

Brave Girls' sixth mini-album [THANK YOU] includes the title song 'Thank You', 'You and I', 'Love Is Gone', 'Can I Love' You' and 'Thank You (Remix)'. This album is also expected to be extremely well made as it is composed of songs made by the team of Brave producers.

Brave Girls' sixth mini album [THANK YOU] and the title song 'Thank You' of the same name express the miraculous events that the members experienced in the past year through its sincere lyrics, and at the same time express their thanks to the fans who supported the members.

Brave Girls has been loved by many for their highly addictive songs and easy-to-follow popular choreography. This new song 'Thank You' is also reportedly a retro pop song based on disco punk, raising expectations for an exciting rhythm performance that triggers an inner dance even before its release.

In particular, through the music video teaser, the choreography used sign language with the meaning of 'thank you'. Fans have praised the group for their inclusivity.

Popular group, Brave Girls, will make a comeback with their 6th mini album [THANK YOU] today (14th). This is the first comeback in about 7 months since the 5th mini-album repackage album [After ‘We Ride’] was released in August.

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