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Spell Check

Henry's Instagram apology in really bad Korean is being criticized causing further backlash for the Chinese idol.

Henry apologized on his Instagram on March 19th after receiving backlash for taking a pro-China stance as well as staying silent and even taking part when Chinese media made disturbing claims on Korean culture. His recent, selection as a public ambassador seems to have lit the fuse to this controversy.

The apology reads, "First, I apologize for any errors in my actions or words. I've always wanted to bring joy and laughter wherever I go, and I'm sad I can't do that now. The point is...I don't forget things. Sorry, but due to the pandemic, I have to stay at least a few months wherever I go. I miss you all.

The internet is rife with fake news, so I stayed quiet. People who met me in person believed it, and now the major news channel... That many are uneasy not because of my actions or words, but because of my ancestry.

I just wanted to make people happy, but I'm not sure what to do if they're upset about my bloodline. I apologize to my fans for not keeping my word to always share good news and be my best. Sorry."

However netizens claimed rather than a sincere apology, it seemed Henry was trying to portray himself as a victim. They also felt that he didn't understand that rather than his 'blood' it is his actions of publicly endorsing China's claim on Taiwan, staying silent on China's genocide of the Ughyers, him staying silent on China's claim on Korean culture, once even while Henry was on the show, that Korean's are so disappointed with.

Further fueling flame is the fact the apology was written in really bad Korean, and the fact that he has shown in the past to be capable of writing in near-perfect Korean has fans even more upset.

Netizens said: "If Korea is so xenophobic, how did he even get popular here in the first place?  I don't understand him bringing up bloodline" 

"I can understand him forgetting Korean because it's not his first language and he's been promoting in China. But if he truly apologized, he should have used a grammar checker. No Korean idol has ever apologized in broken English." 

"Do you even know your own bloodline? You're a Canadian whose parents are from Hong Kong and Taiwan, yet you support the One-China policy, you're confused ." 

"This apology isn't for Koreans, he's going to use this to make more money in China"


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