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  • Mary Kim


How much they paying him?

Henry is under fire for allegedly deleting comments disparaging China from his YouTube channel immediately, but leaving negative comments about Korea.

Recently, there were multiple posts on online communities such as fmkorea and theqoo in which netizens shared screenshots of Henry's YouTube comment section. The photos depicted comments written in an awkward manner in Korean, as if they had been translated via a translation app.

Several comments were derogatory to Korea, including one that referred to Korea as a vassal state of China. The comments criticizing China and the Chinese, on the other hand, were immediately deleted. Until yesterday, the 21st, there were comments demeaning China, but everything was deleted.

Many Korean netizens were disappointed because the singer had previously expressed his admiration and love for South Korea on various programs, but the derogatory comments about Korea remained on YouTube. Naturally, many of these internet users speculated that the person who manages Henry's YouTube channel is responsible. However, many were left disappointed.

"I thought he was Canadian," these netizens commented. "I'm so dissatisfied with him," "That is, why didn't he delete both comments disparaging China and Korea? Why did he leave the anti-Korea comments up?" "I don't believe he runs the channel himself; he's obviously busy, but still," "I suppose China compensates him well," "I suppose he no longer wishes to promote in Korea, lol," "This is extremely disappointing; I assumed he liked Korea," and "I suppose he prefers China."


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