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  • Haein Kim

#HEARTBREAKING Pregnant Woman Arrested For Abandoning Her Children

All three of them.

October 22, Korean news outlets reported a heart breaking case regarding child abandonment. On the 22nd, police received a call from a female alleging she was raped. When police arrived the lady changed her story saying that she was upset at her boyfriend and so made the call and asked that no charges be. filed. However when police investigated further they found out that she was wanted for abandoning her child.

Turns out the female gave birth to three children and abandoned all of the them at preschools. More heartbreaking was that she is currently pregnant with what would be her fourth. She claims she abandoned them because she wasn't fiscally able to provide for them. Also there is a record of her first arrest for the same charge when she was a minor. She was promptly arrested and is charged for child endangerment, criminal neglect, and child abandonment. Heartbreaking.


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