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  • Karina Lee


God Save Ukraine.

On February 24, Russia declared that it had begun a full-fledged invasion of Ukraine. On this day, news reports indicate that explosions have occurred in a number of Ukrainian cities and military bases. 

With Russian troops attempting to seize control of major cities, they have crossed all possible city boundaries. Numerous casualties have already been reported as a result of the explosions, prompting many Ukrainians to seek refuge in the underground subway station. Numerous photos of Ukrainians posing in front of billboards commemorating the birthdays of K-pop idols have been shared in online communities, breaking the hearts of people all over the world.

Korean netizens were also heartbroken to see many of these Ukrainian citizens sleeping in front of a billboard commemorating J-birthday Hope's that was erected by the BTS fandom in Ukraine. "I hope that J-Hope brings hope to these people and that a miracle occurs," one netizen commented. "J-birthday Hope's was February 18, so they would have celebrated there just a few weeks ago. This is truly heartbreaking; I sincerely hope that this can all be resolved peacefully." "This is so heartbreaking. It truly breaks my heart." "I'm praying for everyone," and "I'm hoping for a miracle so that everyone is safe."


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