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  • Juice Shin


Hani speaks on success and failure.

Hani referred to her drama 'Idol: The Coup' in an instagram post. The dramas wrapped up with ratings meddling under 1% and has become famous as one of the least watched dramas in Korea's history.

To this, she wrote:

“It’s not easy to distinguish between success and failure in real life. One of my favorite sayings is that ‘Life is not a race, but a sum of moments’. How can I win and succeed every time? I could be half-successful and half-failed. Even if half of my failures are bad by the world’s standards, I think it’s okay since they’re still precious to me.” Hani then added, “Can I cherish the moments the world has labeled failure in other words? Whether it’s passion, memory, process, learning or youth, shouldn’t I do my best once again to be proud of those moments?”

How do you feel about the drama, is it really that bad, or did it never get a chance to shine?

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