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  • Cole Yoon

Han Sun Hwa's Acting Is Getting Rave Reviews

Revive career? Check.

Han Sun Hwa formerly of girl group 'Secret' is see a career revival with rave reviews from viewers of her drama 'Drink Now, Work Later'. Idol actors have a stigma that take years to shun ie: Yoojin, Sung Yuri, Hyeri and very few ever do (Hwang Jung Eum, Suzy). It seems Han Sun Hwa is joining the latter club with her acting in the drama. The web series, 'Drink Now, Work Later' has been a revelation and especially popular with young women. Han Sun Hwa is absolutely the stand out with viewers saying:

"Wow I didn't know she was such a good actress"

"Haven't laughed this hard in a drama in a while"

"This drama is crazy, her acting is crazier"

"She acts so well!"


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