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  • Mary Kim



According to reports, actress Han So Hwee's mother has been charged with tens of millions of won worth of fraud.

JTBC previously reported on March 2nd that Seoul's Bangbae Police received a file against the mother of a famous celebrity on February 25th charging her with fraud in the amount of 85 million Won ($70,489.74 USD). According to reports, the mother borrowed 85 million Won from an acquaintance between February 2018 and September 2019, promising to pay a high-interest rate, which she never did.

YouTuber Lee Jin Ho revealed that the lawsuit was initiated by actress Han So Hwee's mother. According to Han So Hwee's mother, she borrowed money and deposited it in a bank account in her daughter's name that was established when Han So Hwee was a minor and left in her care. She stated that she used her daughter's bank account for a few months while her own was inaccessible.

According to reports, Han So Hwee's mother and the plaintiff are at odds over the total amount that must be repaid as a result of the lack of a contract. During an interview with YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, Han So Hwee's mother stated, "It is entirely my fault for failing to repay borrowed funds on time. I'm going to work diligently to repay my debts without declaring bankruptcy."

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Han So Hwee's mother has been sued for debt. Han So Hwee stated in July 2020, "I discovered my mother's indebtedness after I turned twenty, and I've been repaying her debt in preparation for my debut. I recently discovered through debt collectors that my mother has been borrowing money using my name value and has not paid it back. It was my error to believe I could resolve the situation simply by repaying her debt, which resulted in the creation of additional victims."

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