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  • Karina Lee


She's not a businesswoman, she is a business, woman.

According to media reports on February 26, actress Han So Hwee has purchased a luxury villa apartment in Achiul village, Gyeonggi province, for 1.95 billion KRW (1.6 million USD).

According to reports, the actress paid cash for the apartment in December of last year. The title will be transferred to her following this month's settlement of miscellaneous balances.

Han So Hwee's newly purchased apartment is located in Achiul village, which is gaining popularity as a "culture village" for attracting prominent figures in the arts and entertainment. Numerous new luxury residences have been completed in the village's vicinity in recent years, attracting celebrities and other prominent figures in the arts who seek a peaceful neighborhood environment. Hyun Bin's purchase of a luxury home in the village made headlines last year.

Meanwhile, Han So Hwee will return to television later this year with her new action/thriller drama, 'Gyeongseong Creature.'


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