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  • Juice Shin


We fall down, but we get up.

Han So-hee shared three photos of her on Instagram on the 15th without a special comment.

In the photo, a scene from the movie 'Adult World', which was released in 2013, was captured.

The scene in the movie Han So-hee revealed is the part where the female protagonist responds, "I also failed a lot" to the male protagonist's question, "What do you think about failure? These days, it seems that all the best are failures."

To this, the man encouraged him by saying, "Okay, keep failing." Han So-hee drew attention by uploading a scene in the movie where a man sent a message to a woman saying, 'It's okay to fail' on social media.

Netizens commented, "Failure is the mother of success. Sohee unnie, fighting ♥", "I love whatever you do, I love you", "It's okay, it's okay to fail because we are here!" They showed a warm reaction and supported Han So-hee.

Previously, Han So-hee's mother was accused of fraud of 85 million won. According to Han So-hee's agency, her mother, Shin, used Han So-hee's bank account to borrow her money. It is said that the bankbook was opened arbitrarily by Han So-hee when she was a minor, and that she borrowed her money without her knowledge. Han So-hee has no plans to directly repay her mother's debt, she said.

Han So-hee will appear in the Disney+ original series 'Soundtrack #1', which will be released on the 23rd. 'Sound Track #1' is a work about what happens when feelings of love begin to grow between a man and a woman who have been her longtime friends.


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