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Who could say no to a face like hers?

Han Ji Min spoke about her love life.

On the 30th, Han Ji Min spoke with the press regarding her new movie, 'Happy New Year'. In the movie, Han Ji Min's character has had an unrequited love with her friend played by Kim Young Kwang.

Regarding her role she stated she was able to relate due to the fact that she has had many unrequited loves, surprising interviewers. She further added, "I can't tell the person I like my feelings in case I get rejected and the friendship becomes awkward."

"It is always after the man asks me out that I gain the courage to show him my feelings. Once in a relationship I am very generous with my feelings but it takes a while for me to get there."

She also added, "She would hope if she ever loved anybody she would be able to tell him, in the future".

'Happy New Years' released on the 29th in theatres and TVING. The movie revolves a hotel and the many love stories inside it on New Years Eve.

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