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  • Juice Shin


In 'Our Blues', the romance between Han Ji-min and captain Kim Woo-bin unfolds.

The cable channel tvN's new Saturday drama 'Our Blues' (played by Noh Hee-kyung/directed by Kim Gyu-tae) released 'Episode Teaser' one after another on the 12th, containing the characteristics of the omnibus drama. Lee Byung-hun and Shin Min-ah's vague relationship, who were reunited in Jeju earlier, and the friendship between two friends, Uhm Jung-hwa and Lee Jung-eun, raised expectations for the drama.

Among them, the main characters of the 3rd episode teaser are Han Ji-min and Kim Woo-bin, drawing attention by foretelling the romance between the Jeju haenyeo and the captain. In the drama, Han Ji-min takes on the role of Lee Young-ok, a first-year haenyeo who came to Jeju from the land and started material, and Kim Woo-bin takes on the role of Park Jeong-joon, a clear and warm-hearted captain.

'Our Blues' is an omnibus drama that supports the sweet and bitter lives of all who stand at the beginning or end of life. Writer Noh Hee-kyung and director Kim Gyu-tae, who created well-made dramas such as 'Live', 'It's Okay, That's Love' and 'That Winter, The Wind Blows' together, the first episode will be held at 9 pm on April 9th. Get on the radio in 10 minutes.

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