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  • Juice Shin


Pressure makes diamond, rings?

Actress Han Ga In recently discussed why she married at the tender age of 24.

Han Ga In appeared on the SBS entertainment program 'Circle House,' which aired on the afternoon of March 10 KST. He spoke with national athletes competing in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and discussed the society's perpetual competition.

Han Ga In actually consoled the athletes during the recent recording of 'Circle House,' who had lived under constant pressure and competition since childhood.

Han Ga In, in particular, garnered attention when she revealed why she chose to marry at the tender age of 24, just as she was about to embark on a career in the entertainment industry. She explained that part of the reason was that the entertainment industry was also competitive.

Han Ga In married Yeon Jung Hoon in 2005, when she was 24 and he was 28. Both of them were just beginning their acting careers at the time, and thus surprised the public with their unexpected marriage news.

They welcomed their first daughter after 11 years of marriage, and in 2019, they announced the birth of their second son.

She explained that she felt a sense of competition among actresses her age. She stated, "I was adamant about not showing them my defeat, and it took some time to adjust. As a result, I reasoned that I should marry early and thus avoid competition."

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