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  • Karina Lee


Athletic girls, they are.

Girl group H1-KEY will hold an encore fan signing thanks to the support of fans.

H1-key (Seo Yi, Reina, Yell, Sitala) will hold an online fan signing event for fans around the world at 5 pm on the 27th.

This online fan signing event is a surprise event prepared by global fans' hot requests for H1-Key. H1-key is also expected to meet fans and relieve the regret of finishing their debut activities.

Previously, H1-Key held their first video call fan signing event during their debut activities. They met fans of various nationalities, such as Korea, Thailand, Japan, China, Romania, Norway, and the United States, and communicated in various languages ​​such as English, Japanese, and Thai, enhancing intimacy and revealing the qualities of a global K-pop singer.

This encore online fan signing event is also expected to be a precious gift to global fans who have given H1-Key a lot of love and attention.

Meanwhile, the four-member girl group High-Key released their first single 'Athletic Girl' on the 5th of last month.

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