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  • Cole Yoon

Go Jun Hee's Golf Game Goes Viral

Let's take a look at her game, shall we?

Above is Go Jun Hee, she's an actress who hasn't had much work since her name was brought up in a huge scandal in Korea years ago. Contrary to what this picture shows, she doesn't just sit around and do nothing all day. No, she's a golfer now. She has pictures to show for it, let's see how she does on the golf pitch.

Here we see her walking on the pitch

Above, we also see her walking on the pitch

Alas, the front walk.. see how her elbows are tucked in? Good form darling!

Here she's taking out a golf club, we'll get to see her swing it soon I suppose

No silly, the club is walking

It seems short skirts and thigh highs are proper golf decorum in Korea. Well in Rome...

And finally we have the 'Two Hemispheres' outfit. The top is the North Hemisphere in Winter, and the Southern Hemisphere is the bottom, obviously to bring awareness to climate change. Bravo!


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