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  • Juice Shin


Not cool at all.

On the 'Attack on Grandma' broadcast to be aired on the 22nd, actress Go Eun-ah appeared as a guest and conveyed her worries to 3MC Kim Young-ok, Na Moon-hee, and Park Jung-soo.

In a recent recording, Go Eun-ah talked about her unnie, who was once a friend. Go Eun-ah, who debuted at the age of 17 and turned 35, but has no celebrity colleagues, said, "In the past, I had an unnie who I trusted and was the only friend in the entertainment industry."

Go Eun-ah had an accident where her toenails fell out one day. The older sister in question came home to help. However, after the sister left, the rent for the house disappeared.

She asked her unnie where the money went but she was told she didn't know.

After that, the unnie tried to blame Go Eun-ah for things that she herself had done. Go Eun-ah explained that she did not make celebrity colleagues after that.

Go Eun-ah said, "Since then, I have never met her sister," and "She is still working as a celebrity with a very lovely image," raising curiosity.


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