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  • Cole Yoon


Is anything real?

Freezia is now finding herself accused of faking comments that were allegedly sent in by fans. A post on Korea's largest online community titled "FREEZIA 0 Seconds What?", brings up up the allegations.

In the picture provided in the post, FREEZIA in a youtube video where she was showing comments that her fans sent her, a particular "comment" is proving to be problematic. The comment writes,

"During Senior Year in High School, I gained so much weight and was feeling really down about myself but everytime I saw your videos I gained a lot of strength and inspiration. Although I won't be able to get into a good school like you, you are my role model. I'm glad that I found you in my teens and I would like to start my 20's with you as well. Hwaiting <3.

The innocent comment itself is not an issue but the fact the comment shown by FREEZIA shows that pictures of the comment was taken 0 seconds after the comment was posted. That is a strange coincidence. Also, other comments shown through out the video shows comments that were collected or screenshotted by FREEZIA or her staff 3-5 seconds after the actual comment was posted. It seems as if her or her team were expecting these comments as if they knew they would be posted.

This is leading netizens to believe that the comments in these videos were also manufactured and faked as genuine comments.

What are your thoughts? At this point what about FREEZIA do you REALLY know?

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