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  • Cole Yoon


If she comes back from this, I'm calling her the Korean Jesus.

Chinese sentiment in Korea is way low, so is FREEZIA'S, so when you mix the two, you know you get a toxic batch of the very worst Korean internet has to offer.

In a post, a netizen spoke about an ad she did for a Chinese company:

"She received a copy of a bootleg Youtube silver button from a Chinese' bootleg version of Youtube then she says that she loves China. She then says she can't wait for COVID to be over so that she can meet her Chinese fans. I've lost all respect for her. I used to like her and watched her content but I am so disappointed, money really is scary."

Netflix are also calling out her company for allegedly hiring people to leave comments on online communities defending her.

Whatever the case, we know this isn't the last of the controversy.

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