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  • Karina Lee


Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Is she eyeing a comeback?

Embattled YouTuber Freezia (real name Song Ji-ah) donated $20,000 to support emergency relief in areas affected by forest fires.

On the 8th, the Korean Red Cross announced that Freesia (Jia Song) had donated $20,000 won to the Red Cross for emergency relief in Gangwon and Gyeongbuk areas affected by forest fires.

According to the Red Cross, Song Ji-ah said, "I feel sorry for the news of the victims of the wildfire, and I decided to donate to help those who have suffered a little bit."

The Red Cross said, "We thank Song Ji-ah for her warm sharing, and look forward to her spreading a good influence to our society through various activities in the future."

The donations donated by Song Ji-ah will be used for emergency relief activities for victims through regional Red Cross branches such as Gangwon and Gyeongbuk where wildfire damage occurred.


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