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  • Haein Kim



New day, new FREEZIA controversy.

As we reported earlier about FREEZIA'S secret Chinese Youtube page where she implies Kimchi as Chinese, netizens have since dug deeper into her Chinese content and it is disturbing.

Not only does she tolerate China's attempt to steal Korean culture, but netizens are also saying she actively participated in it. Despite comments from Chinese netizens accusing FREEZIA of pandering to Chinese men for Chinese money, she later films herself wearing Chinese-inspired traditional garb saying how much she loves China.

In another video, she is seen reacting to Chinese men, and polar opposite to her cool, calm, and confident demeanor in Single's Inferno, she squeals and drools over them, repeatedly confessing her love for Chinese men. Not a good look for the influencer championed by Korean feminists.

In the end, one has to wonder if maybe this is FREEZIA'S truth, that she is most honest when she's faking it; that she doesn't care how she gets it, as long as she's taking it.


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