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  • Karina Lee


This is just sad.

There is another influencer who is getting a lot of attention recently due to FREEZIA.

With over 600k subscribers on Youtube, Aori's (Kim Min Young) recent collaboration with FREEZIA is gaining a lot of attention due to FREEZIA'S controversy.

The two influencers in August of last year went through FREEZIA'S closet trying on her clothes while speaking about designer fashion in general.

Netizens however are commenting,

Aori probably found out about FREEZIA in this video that she wears fakes
I think she found out about FREEZIA'S fakes
FREEZIA looks nervous
Aori is an angel for trying on FREEZIA'S fake clothes
Why isn't Aori taking this video down, is she taking a shot?
FREEZIA looks like a human 'Xiaomi' next to a real 'Gold Spoon'

It seems after Jennie's 'Human Chanel', Jisoo's 'Human Dior', we now have FREEZIA, the human 'Xiaomi'. (Xiaomi is a Chinese online retailer that sells really cheap clothes)


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