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  • Mary Kim


Wonder Reunion.

Former Wonder Girls members Sunye and Sohee drew attention when they reunited and spent time catching up.

On November 11, Sohee (An So Hee) uploaded a vlog video titled 'Min Leader! A date with Sunye Unnie' to her YouTube channel.

Sohee met Sunye for the first time in a long time in her video, and she couldn't conceal her fluttering heart. The two conversed about the past and reminisced in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sunye also discussed her experiences appearing on various variety shows for the first time in ten years in the video, as well as how she discovered Sohee on MBC's 'I Live Alone.'

Sunye, in particular, gave Sohee some older sister advice, stating that everything about Sohee is perfect except for the fact that she should be dating at the moment. Sohee revealed that she is not currently dating anyone and also continued to joke around with Sunye, spending some quality time with her.

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