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  • Cole Yoon

Five Reasons ChungHa Should've Been Nominated

Put some respek on her name MNET!

5. ChungHa X Rain's 'Why Don't We' is definitely one of the most slept on songs this year. Song is a BOP. Also, legendary Rain doesn't collaborate with just anyone. Plus her falsetto at the end of the verse is delicious, definitely a high note for kpop in 2021.

4. Chungha in Leather is a win for humanity.

The aesthetics for the 'Bicycle' promotions was out of this world. Plus the choreo was on, 81 Kobe Bryant, point.

3.ChungHa Is An Equal Opportunity Slayer

A pandemic couldn't stop the 'Amor' fest that was 'Demente' ft. Guaynaa. The song is a BANGER! Did I mention that she sang in Spanish and YES it sounded sexy AF

2.Her Live vocals on this performance

When you eat live performances for breakfast.

1. She's poised to take over 2022.


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