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  • Cole Yoon


They're saying she's acting different.

Fans suspect IU is dating. On online communities today, several posts saying they suspect the singer is in love popped up. IU is known for her personal songs, as someone who makes her own music the vulnerability in her music is often the best insight to what the singer's been up to and fans are saying there has been much more love songs and her recent releases have lyrics that are sweeter and happier than in past songs.

Her most recent release 'Strawbery Moon' is a gushy love song about being in love, comparing love to strawberries and wholesome love the moon represent. Not only that in her 5th full album released last March, there were many love songs such as 'Flu'.

Netizens are saying they hope she is in love and if she were to come out about being in a relationship they would be supportive. Fans wrote "I hope she meets a good person", "I hope she meets someone that makes her happy" "I can feel that she is in love" and "I am her fan and if she's in a relationship I would support her".


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