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  • Cole Yoon


She winning.

Jang Won Young has enjoyed a meteoric rise in KPOP to become its newest IT girl.

With the love however, often comes the hate but what if the love comes way more often? KPOP fans in Korea are saying this is the case for Won Young, that she is getting so much love IRL right now to even have time to notice the haters. Spurred on by the clip below, netizens were impressed by how much love she gets from her sunbaes.

They wrote:

She is born to be loved, Pretty AF and cute and diligent and respectful She always seemed like she has high self esteem, I mean with that face her self esteem must be in the sky All her sunbaes are falling in love with her, life must be so fun for her right now I bet she's 100% content with life lol But why would anyone diss her? She's such a cutie, I stan male idols but when I see Won Young I smile like a mother... why would anyone diss her Even Lee Kyung Kyu was so nice to her lol When you see how she never ignores fans on her way to music programs you see why she is so loved Even Cold Kunst said on I Live Alone that she looks otherworldly and looks like a fairy. She's so pretty and tall Whenever she enters variety programs all the sunbaes show her love like their daughters cause she's so loveable.


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