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Solo Inferno's Kim Hyun Joong amidst controversy over unfollowing FREEZIA during her own controversy, explained why he unfollowed FREEZIA. The dating show contestant explained, "Well many people are interested in us and Ji Ah wasn't following me in the first place. So I didn't want to create various talks about this, so I just unfollowed her. There are no other reasons. To be honest, at that time, I didn't even know she was embroiled in a controversy."

The contestant in regards to his relationship with FREEZIA stated they were on good term but that he is cautious of reaching out to her. He further stated that she was a good person who worked diligently.

To this netizens response differed vastly. On popular Kpop site, netizens weighed in saying:

Gyungri59 pts 7 hours ago I cant with these youtubers news :))) can we move to actual news akp? Reply Report Share jeyjin3,114 pts 7 hours ago I figured that he unfollowed her because after the show, she told him that she wasn't interested in him and it was all for the show. She even said in the beginning she wasn't interested in any of them so.. Reply Report Share AnonymousInsider1,223 pts 6 hours ago It's a show. It wasn't real to begin with. People forget that these shows and dramas are convenient marketing tools. Reply Report Share i-8-stinky-tofu-110 pts 7 hours ago All these controversies - maybe they should have called it "Dumpster Inferno." Reply Report Share lui-c941 pts 8 hours ago We already know the real reason Reply Report Share Mad_Max-86 pts 1 hour ago good for her Reply Report Share

taichou_san3,521 pts 7 hours ago well if u read all his comments...something dont seems right lol - Reply Report Share asscrack-53 pts 7 hours ago We know it’s bc he didn’t want to be affected by her controversy Reply Report Share IstanThemAll1,969 pts 8 hours ago Smart guy! Reply Report Share MinasSTD1,033 pts 8 hours ago Aww he's a nice boy Reply Report Share nickybaenim2-15 pts 8 hours ago Beacuse... she is a fake? LMAOOOOOOOOOOO Reply Report Share


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