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  • Karina Lee


"There's a war going on outside, no man is safe from"

January 26, The Boyz fans are currently repelling haters going at JaeHyun and it seems NCT fans are in the fray, and they want all the smoke!

Yesterday on January 25, a post was uploaded reading

Hyun Jae that isn't a Prada sponsored post, right?

The post then shows an IG post, 'The Boyz' official IG uploaded showing Hyun Jae posing in adidas and Prada, hashtagged was #adidasforprada.

The post seems to make fun of the idol saying that he isn't sponsored by either clothing company, the post then goes further to show NCT Jaehyun had uploaded the same products but under his picture, he hashtagged #ad. Finally the post accuse The Boyz fan of acting like he was sponsored when he wasn't.

Netizens reacted by saying,

Even if it isn't sponsored he can still upload it no? what gives?
Can't he just upload it, why are you shaming him? lol Does he need to be sponsored to upload it? I'm not a fan, but you guys are messed up
For real, he doesnt even have a #ad hashtag what do you mean?
He just uploaded it because it's pretty what's the problem?
Yo why are there so many posts attacking him these days, it's crazy
FOH he even got invited to Prada's fashion show, of course the post is sponsored
This is so embarassing//
Honestly I swear I am not his fan but that looks like a sponsored post

Not a NCT fan's opinion, yea right
Who cares if he did or he didn't let him post whatever he wants
That isn't even his personal ig leave him alone, pissing me off
But if it was a sponsored pic wouldn't he hashtag it as such?
Logging in cause you guys are pissing me off, Hyun Jae only wears clothes fans send and is always wear track suits. You think a guy like that will be flexing on the gram like that over a Prada bag just cause? Of course it's sponsored


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