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  • Cole Yoon



Netizens expressed excitement following the Red Velvet members' recent private messages expressing their excitement for their upcoming album.

On March 2, a netizen created a post titled "Red Velvet's comeback confidence is legendary" on an online community. The netizen included several messages sent by Red Velvet members to their fans on 'Bubble' in this post. "ReVeluv, look forward to it beginning now," Yeri wrote in one message. Seulgi wrote in another, "Everyone, please keep an eye out for our impending return. I'm anticipating it...I'm prepared...!"

Joy then wrote a series of messages, including "Our song for this comeback is really good," "Really, really, really, really, really, really hehe," "It was so good the first time I heard it haha," and "Anyway, it's really good so please look forward to it TTTT."

"I haven't seen this level of assurance since Seulgi revealed she immediately liked 'Psycho' after listening to it...TTT I'm looking forward to it tremendously."

"This is the first time I've seen this level of assurance...legendary."

"I'm excited!"

"When is it scheduled to be released?"

"All of a sudden, my heart is pounding."

"Why are they causing me to be so anticipatory? Ahh!"

"Their song 'Psycho' has already elevated the bar."

"I'm so inquisitive..."

"This is making me so excited for it."

"Wow, I'm quite intrigued TTTTT All of Red Velvet's title and side tracks are incredible."

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