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  • Karina Lee



Singer Swings (real name Moon Ji-hoon, 36) gave a word of advice, and confessions followed.

Swings posted on Instagram on the 10th, "It's incomparably more painful to regret not trying for the rest of your life than to try and ruin it and get annoyed." They tried to find it. Then they really found another way to win,” he wrote and advised his fans.

After giving the advice, it seems that Swings has been receiving DMs. Swings released the DMs he received, and one netizen said, "Ah, that suddenly makes me want to confess to my partner." Swings comforted him by saying, "I hope you're prepared for a broken heart brother."

Another netizen commented, "I'm confessing to my unrequited love right now, right now," and Swings hilariously replied, saying, "Let's pray for the countless hearts that will be broken tonight, everyone."

One netizen said, "I'm going to confession that I spilled orange juice in my mother's Chanel bag." In response, Swings wrote, "From the Spine Breaker to the Broken Spine."

In particular, a netizen revealed a text message exchanged with a person who appeared to be an ex-girlfriend, saying, "I was caught catching my ex-girlfriend. It's real." Swings encouraged them by saying, "The soul to pray for today. I'm so sorry man." In addition, to a netizen who said, "I couldn't tell the team leader what I had accumulated today, I will tell you everything. I can't take it any longer." Swings responded, "The unemployment rate is going up."


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