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  • Karina Lee


Fans are not feeling the result of Queendom 2's April 21 episode.

The second battle's results were released on this day, sparking a firestorm of debate across a number of internet groups.

In the most recent show, Hyolyn once again received a flawless score to take the lead, followed by LOONA, Cosmic Girls, VIVIZ, Kep1er, and Brave Girls.

Several people were astounded by Hyolyn's flawless performance and her perfect score. Netizens were quick to point out that she was well-deserving of the award due to her commanding performance. Brave Girls' recent performance left many people puzzled as to why they had earned such a poor score.

"I thought Hyolyn's stage was incredibly dominant," said one netizen. It's hard for me to comprehend that Brave Girls came in at number one, since I don't think they belong there. "But to be honest, I expected Brave Girls to take second place following Hyolyn's victory. It's hard to think they're last," "Hyolyn did a fantastic job," the narrator said. Brave Girls are now ineligible, is that correct? Brave Girls are last? I assumed they'd at least be in the top three! According to "Queendom," "I can only agree with first place," "lol." "It doesn't make sense that Brave Girls would come in last," "Is this the final standing for the next round?" as well as "What's the matter? As to why Brave Girls are ranked so low,"

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