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  • Cole Yoon


Is this the comeback of the year thus far?

TREASURE is making it known that they are real contenders for 4th Generation supremacy.

Not only is their latest comeback 'JIKJIN' a straight banger, but their live performance of the song on a 'Special Stage' video uploaded to their youtube channel is also making waves.

A netizen wrote:

They just uploaded the Special Stage video and they are singing it straight live LOL I thought due to the hard choreo they wouldn't be able to but they killed it Treasure has always performed well live but this on a whole different level I hope you guys watch it ㅠㅠ They just made a comeback with JIKJIN so check them out ㅠㅠ

Other netizens chimed in also writing

TREASURE is good at live performances lol Because there aren't any music shows this week I'll have to survive off this video Choi Hyun Suk looks the part of a YG artist Just watched it lol You don't see many live performances like this anymore, they really are good. Seems their YG badge isn't just a novelty after all. They are the best out of this generation YG is YG They are so good, they've always performed LIVE well but they have gotten even better

Check out the video above, see if it doesn't make a fan out of you!


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