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  • Juice Shin


Han So Hee demonstrated a rare level of affection for a fan she met in public.

On March 2, a fan shared a story about meeting Han So Hee at a restaurant on Twitter and other online communities.

The author explained that she had been a fan of Han So Hee for a while and wrote, "Today, I met So Hee Unnie at a restaurant. I'm aware that conversing with someone while they're eating is impolite, so I wrote a letter. Because I was out of paper, I scribbled it on a napkin and expressed my admiration for her as a fan."

She continued, "I approached her carefully and handed her my letter. She was not irritated at all and simply expressed gratitude. She was so gracious and warm that I mustered the courage to request her autograph. She stated that she was out of paper but spent some time looking for some for me. She also inquired of the restaurant's employee."

The fan continued, "She could have simply let it go, but she spent an inordinate amount of time looking for paper. She even inquired as to my name and was extremely gracious." Due to a lack of paper, Han So Hwee signed her autograph on a napkin.

Han So Hee shared the letter her fan wrote for her on her Instagram story the same day. The photograph displayed the fan's handwritten letter on the napkin. "I will support you," the fan wrote in the letter.

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