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  • Karina Lee


The idol formerly known as..

Hyeyeon, a former Gugudan member, will transition to acting and will now promote under the name Jo Aram for her future endeavors.

Hyeyeon has signed an exclusive contract with Beyond J and is preparing to transition fully into the role of an actress. Apart from what J stated, "Jo Aram is a friend who is brimming with vivacious and endearing energy. As an actress, she possesses limitless potential, and we eagerly await her future endeavors. To ensure that actress Jo Aram, who is filled with many dreams and eager to advance as an actress, can continue her activities on various platforms in the future, we intend to accompany her throughout. Kindly lavish her with attention, love, and support."

Hyeyeon, who is now promoting under the new moniker Jo Aram, confirmed via her agency, "As an actress, I want to interact with viewers in the future through my projects. I'm overjoyed and excited to begin a new career as an actress. With a new mindset in place, I will work diligently to learn and make efforts to develop into a competent actress who acts with sincerity."

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