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  • Karina Lee


KPOP becoming more and more political.

EVERGLOW's Yiren is facing backlash from Korean netizens and at the same time as being praised by Chinese netizens.

On January 2, girl group EVERGLOW held a fan meeting to promote their 3rd mini album 'RETURN OF THE GIRL'

To thank their fans, the group bowed in line with Korean tradition, which involves a 'Keun' or ''Great' bow which involves getting on one's knees. However in Chinese tradition, this bow is reserved only for one's parents.

Due to this, Yiren, kept in line with her tradition and decided to greet fans with a traditional Chinese New Years greeting, which involves standing and putting one's hands together.

These images spread and were praised by Chinese netizens saying, "The Chinese do not bow", and Chinese people do not get down on their knees unless it is in front of parents or to the sky or the land", "A proud idol who protects Chinese tradition", "Good job Yiren", "She is putting on a good example for Chinese who are promoting overseas", "She is spreading Chinese culture to other countries."

Korean netizens caught wind of this and are not happy saying, "Please just go back to China", "I wish she would just be an idol in China", "Why would you be proud of that", "If you are in Korea, you should do as the Koreans", "Now they're making stuff up about there being a 'tradition' of Chinese people not going down on their knees?", "By tomorrow the Chinese will probably be like, 'Keun Jeol is a Chinese tradition~'", "She's too proud to do something respectful for her Korean fans", "Now you can head right back to the country you came from", "I've seen plenty of other Chinese idols doing Keun Jeol or getting down on their knees"

Korean netizens towards Chinese Kpop idols are at an all time low due to them leaving their teams for China when they become bigger stars. Former EXO members, 'Kris Wu', 'Chen', 'Super Junior' member 'Han Geng', and WJSN 'Cheng Xiao' have all left their groups for China.


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