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  • Karina Lee

Everglow Accused Of Plagiarizing


Fashion brand Windowsen wrote on their IG:

With the release of the girl group EVERGLOW’s album, we noticed that a ‘WINDOWSEN’ corset was featured in their new music video ‘Pirate’. It was never supposed to happen because THE corset was a custom piece I created for Jolin Tsai’s Ugly Beauty Tour in 2020. Plagiarism is simply wrong and unacceptable.

We'd hope to take down and delete all the visuals and shots where the garment is featured, and just wanted to speak up and hold the company and their styling team accountable for what has been done .and have the right actions taken place as soon as possible.

The group just made their comeback with 'Pirate' so this really isn't a good look for them.

See original post below.


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