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  • Karina Lee


Mickey approved.

The Walt Disney Company, which is known to be very sensitive to copyright and trademark protection, took an unusually lenient disposition towards BTS. When BTS said they would use Disney movies for dubbing training, Disney released all the copyrights saying, "If it's BTS, you can use it."

In the MBC entertainment program 'Radio Star', which was broadcast on the 16th, voice actor Ahn Ji-hwan appeared as a guest. The actor spoke on how he keeps his skills sharp stating, "I sometimes take lessons," and recently became a dubbing teacher for BTS.

Ahn Ji-hwan told the story of how when you're BTS even Disney treats you different saying, there is a joke that "If you want to escape from a deserted island, draw Mickey Mouse in the sand and Disney will come and drag you," alluding to the company's hawkish approach to protecting their copyrights.

However, it seems even Disney is a fan of BTS as the actor stated, "I saw a video of BTS members practicing their dubbing skills using the Disney movie 'Zootopia', and in a scene, I saw in subtitles 'This animation video was used after copyright permission was granted", alluding to the fact that Disney, being notorious for not permitting use of their copyrights, gave BTS a pass.

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